Attention Archers!

If you like to participate in Archery events within our province, or take part in shoots outside of Alberta in 2012, we’ve got cash for you!!

Funding is available for the following archery events:

  • Indoor Provincials
  • Outdoor Provincials
  • Indoor 3D Provincials
  • Outdoor 3D Provincials
  • Canada Cup
  • National Target & Field Championships
  • National 3D Championships
  • Junior World Championships
  • Senior World Championships

To calculate your mileage, please enter your starting point odometer reading as well as your destination point reading in the box on the claim form.

Please review the requirements for In Province and Out of Province funding as they differ AND please use one form for in-province funding AND one form for out-of-province funding!!!  They need to be kept separate.

In Province funding – https://www.ataa-org.ca/expenses/in-province-shoot-funding/

Out of Province funding – https://www.ataa-org.ca/expenses/out-of-province-funding/


Please keep all your travel receipts, e.g. hotel bills, airfare & registration and forward them at the end of the 2012 season (December 30, 2012) with an Expense Claim Form 2012 to:

Stacey Gustafson, Treasurer
Box 1377  Athabasca, Alberta  T9S 2B2