Mixed Team Event for AWGs

Range Set up

For the Indoor Match Round Team Event a clearly visible line will be marked one (1) meter behind the Shooting Line. This line must be at least 3 cm wide.  For the Indoor Match Round Team Event there will be marked an athletes’ area behind the one meter line, giving reasonable space for two athletes and their equipment and a coach’s area behind the athletes’ area.

One target per archer will be utilized, set one above the other like that of A/C or B/D positions.

Choosing the Mixed Team

Teams utilizing the same equipment type will be composed of the top ranked male and the top ranked female from the same Zone (from both the cub and cadet categories) seeded according to their positions as determined by their total score in the Qualification Round.

Example: Compound Mixed Team  –  Zone 1 –  Male cub compound finishing on Friday with a score of 544/600 and the Male cadet compound finishing score is 534/600; the Male cub compound will be named to the mixed team.  This is repeated for the Female compounds of that zone.  These two athletes will then make up the Mixed Team to shoot on Sunday.  The same will be done to make up the Recurve Mixed Team for each zone.

Please Note:  Fills will not qualify to be on the Mixed Team.

Shooting the Mixed Team Event

This event will be in single elimination format.

Each match consists of 4 ends of 4 arrows (2 per athlete);

2 minutes (120 sec) is the time allowed for a Mixed Team to shoot 4 arrows, 2 per athlete.(time differs from AC/WA rules).

All teams will score outer 10s (differs from AC/WA rules).

Byes will be utilized if necessary.

Each team will start behind the 1 m line.  One team member at a time will come to the shooting line when the single buzzer is sounded to shoot their two arrows.  The archer will then return behind the 1 m line before the next team member advances to the shooting line (no buzzer goes off).  At no time can both team members be in the 1 m area at the same time and arrows cannot be removed from the quiver until on the shooting line.  See penalties below.

Team Event Substitutions

A team shall consist of the highest ranked 2 athletes (one male and one female) from the Qualification Round unless the Zone Coach notifies the Provincial Sports Coordinator or the Chairman of Judges in writing at least 1 hour before the start of the Mixed Team Event stating the substitution of another athlete which competed in the Qualification Round and who is not a fill. In case of substitution medals will only be awarded to the archers that actually shoot the Team round.

Breaking ties during the Team Round

A 2-arrow shoot-off for score, a single arrow by each team member;

– If the score is tied the team with the arrow closest-to-the centre will win;

– If still tied the arrow second closest-to-the-centre will determine the winner;

– For the Team Match Round the shoot-off will be shot on a single target face.

– Shooting order the same as above except 1 minute (60 sec) is the time allowed.

Team Round Time penalties.

1.  If a member of a team crosses the 1m line too soon the judge will raise the yellow card. This card indicates that the athlete will have to return behind the 1m line to start over again or be replaced by another athlete with arrows to shoot who must start from behind the 1m line.

2.  If the team does not obey the yellow card and the athlete shoots his arrow, the team will lose the highest scoring arrow for that end. This violation will be notified by the judge raising a red card.

3.  The same procedure applies if a team member removes an arrow from the quiver before standing on the shooting line.