In-Province Shoot Funding

Want to shoot tournaments in Alberta and get $$ help with them?

The ATAA trys to support athletes who wish to participate in Provincial events to exhibit their skills.  The funding available varies greatly depending on a number of factors.  The most important of those is the amount we earn when working our Casino, and the number of members over all who are eligble for funding both in and out of province shoots.  We DO NOT promise to fund your entire trip.  These funds are mearly a way to off set some of your costs and reward shooters for participating in major events.

Please carefully read all information set out below.  The Alberta Luquor and Gaming Commission states that if you miss a step in this process the ATAA will not provide ANY funding to you.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW ANY OF THESE STEPS WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF CLAIM!

The In Province Shoots that are elgible for funding assistance are:

Indoor Provincials
Outdoor Provincials
Indoor 3D Provincials
Outdoor 3D Provincials
Calgary Junior Campout
Shoot-a-Rama,  Sherwood Park

For travel within the province, please fill in the Expense Claim Form 2012 at the end of the last tournament you participated in, and send it with one of your official scorecards to the address on the claim form.

A cheque for all tournaments will be mailed to you near the end of the year.

Deadline for submitting the expense claim for November 15 of the current year.

Please include your full return mailing address (including postal code) or a cheque will not be mailed out.

Click on the link for the form:  Expense Claim Form 2012