Out-Of-Province Shoot Funding

Want to shoot tournaments outside of Alberta and get $$ help with them?

The ATAA trys to support athletes who wish to travel outside of the Province to exhibit their skills.  The funding available varies greatly depending on a number of factors.  The most important of those is the amount we earn when working our Casino, and the number of members over all who are eligble for funding both in and out of province shoots.  We DO NOT promise to fund your entire trip.  These funds are mearly a way to off set some of your costs and reward shooters for participating in major events.

Please carefully read all information set out below.  The Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission states that if you miss a step in this process the ATAA will not provide ANY funding to you.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW ANY OF THESE STEPS WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF CLAIM!

The list of eligble shoots are:

Canada Cup
Canadian Team Trials (both Junior and Senior)
National Target & Field Championships
National 3D Championships
Junior World Championships
Senior World Championships

Due to Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commissions restrictions, these are the only tournaments we are allowed to support. We had to take the Ontario Spring Classic out of the shoots we support, because ALGC considers it a money shoot and therefore a semi pro event.

If you want funding for one of the shoots above please follow these steps EXACTLY! 

Step 1

Please let us know which tournaments you want to participate in and provide appropriate documents at least 6 to 8 weeks before shoot:

  • cost of flight (eg: West Jet flight schedule with name and amounts),
  • registration fees
  •  hotel cost
  • shoot invitation if applicable
  • approximate meal cost )

Step 2

Complete the Expense Claim Form 2012 and attach all of your ORIGINAL receipts for submission as soon as you return from your trip.  Please note that sending a copy of your credit card bill WILL NOT count as submitting receipts!

Receipts can be mailed to:

Stacey Gustafson
Box 1377
Athabasca, Alberta  T9S 2B2

******NOTE:  It is recomended that you photocopy all of your receipts and save them for your records!  Emailing a scanned copy of your receipts to the treasurer and informing her of the date that you sent your orginials will assist our treasurer in sending out funds to you sooner!  Sending scanned only, DOES NOT COUNT AS SUBMITTING ORGINIAL RECEIPTS.  **********
If you want to participate in more than one tournament outside of Alberta, please send in a separate claim form for each tournament.

In order to receive funding for out of province tournaments, the ATAA is reminding archers, that they have to at least participate in one Provincial Tournament per year. Archers who have benefitted from the Casino funding will be asked to be of assistance in the upcoming casino funding project in 2013.