Junior Program


As ATAA Junior Director I would like to get a list of all the Junior Programs in the Province.  I get a lot of emails from archers all around the world that contact me to say they are moving and would like to know where the closest Jr. Program’s are for their kids also every year the Alberta Government asks us for very specific numbers relating to our junior programs the more informaiton we have from you directors the more funding we could be eligible for!

Send an email to Lindsay, the current ATAA Junior Director at junior-director@ataa-org.ca with the following informaiton:

  • Name of your Club
  • Name, phone number, email and mailing address  of your Junior Director
  • Number of athletes in your program
  • Number of coaches in your program (and are they NCCP certified or just volunteers)
  • The days and times of operation on your Junior Program
  • Anything that sets your Program apart from everyone else


Please help me make this page useful for anyone running or participating in a Jr. Program visit our Facebook page (notes tab) and tell us what you want to see here! Or email your executive members and let them know!