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Potential Identity Theft – please read!!!

Attention All ATAA Members

Fraud Alert – Potential Identity Theft

Recently the ATAA membership list was obtained in an illegal fashion. The RCMP and the Canada Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC) have both been notified and are conducting investigations. The information obtained includes members’ names, addresses and dates of birth.

Due to the nature of information obtained, the Canada Anti -Fraud Center has advised that all ATAA members 18 years of age and older are advised to contact the following agencies to have alerts placed on personal credit information:

To verify these numbers you may visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at : http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/english/recognizeit_identitythe.html

If done over the telephone there is a 5.00 + tax charge. Please retain your receipt for reimbursement.(Details on reimbursement will be posted in the near future).

Please have available your Social Insurance Number and Birthdate for verification.  These credit agencies will put an alert on your file to ensure they are diligent in confirming it is actually you and not someone else trying to use your information.

Please know that the ATAA takes this incident very seriously and is following the steps and advice of the CAFC and the RCMP to ensure it is managed appropriately.  No organization can be 100% immune to acts of theft and the members personal information has always been managed with the greatest security measures available.

The Alberta Target Archers Association Executive

Target News

Alberta Winter Game Announcement to All ATAA / ABA / AFGA Clubs

Alberta Winter Games Trials (Qualification Shoots)

If you are a club that has a junior archery program or if you know of youth that would like to participate please inform all junior archers of the upcoming zone trials for the Alberta Winter Games.

The Alberta Winter Games is held every two years in a different location within the province consisting of 22 different sporting events including archery. This year the Alberta Winter Games is to be held in Parkland County, west of Edmonton (Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and the surrounding Area)

This opportunity is open to all Alberta youth who would like to experience the challenge of competition, the excitement of participating in a Winter games, and the fun of being with other archers and athletes from across our province sharing the love of sport. All participants stay in local athlete villages and are provided food and receive winter games clothing. Transportation to and from the participants home zone is also provided.

These trials are open to ALL juniors from 11-17 years of age across the province of Alberta.

The classes include both male and female compound and recurve bow shooters.

Individual competition will occur for all participants as well as a team event.

To participate all archers must hold ATAA/FCA membership. If you are a non affiliated club, your juniors may buy their memberships at the various zone shoot locations or from the ATAA membership director (contact Jan Tollenaar at membership@ataa-org.ca )   Cost of membership is 28.00 for affiliated club members and 31.00 for non affiliated members. The cost of participating in the qualification shoot is 10.00 (The shoot is an indoor, 18 meter, half FITA [300] round.)

The list of shoots and venues are as follows:


December 3 at Picture Butte Fish and Game Building for Zone 1,
December 3 at Calgary Archery Centre for Zones 2 and 3
November 27 at Red Deer Archery Centre for Zone 4
December 10 at Capital Region Archery Centre for Zone 5 & 6
December 4 at the Lac La Biche Curling Club for Zone 7
December 11 at Montrose Jr. High for Zone 8

You can also find more information on the Alberta Winter Games at: http://www.2012awg.ca/

Come join the fun and experience the feeling of participating in the Alberta Winter Games!

Alberta Indoor Shoot Schedule

If you have a shoot date, target or 3D, please send information to Alana Tollenaar (newsletter-editor@ataa-org.ca) & Patti Middlebrough (judges-chairman@ataa-org.ca).

Indoor 600 October 16, 2011 Capital Region Archery Club
Indoor 600 – Pumpkin Shoot October 23, 2011 Calgary Archers Club
Indoor 600 November 6, 2011 Capital Region Archery Club
Indoor 600 – Turkey Shoot November 13, 2011 Calgary Archers Club
Zone 4 AWG* Tryouts November 27, 2011 Red Deer Archery Centre
Zone 1 AWG* Tryouts December 3, 2011 Picture Butte Fish and Game
Zone 2 & 3 AWG* Tryouts December 3, 2011 Calgary Archers Club
Zone 7 AWG* Tryouts December 4, 2011 Lac La Biche Archery Club
Zone 5 & 6 AWG* Tryouts December 10, 2011 Capital Region Archery Club
Zone 8 AWG* Tryouts December 11, 2011 Grande Prairie – Montrose School
Indoor 600 December 11, 2011 Capital Region Archery Club
Indoor 600 – Christmas Shoot December 17, 2011 Calgary Archers Club
Indoor 600 January 15, 2012 Capital Region Archery Club
Mini Vegas Shoot (Tentative) January 28-29, 2012 Capital Region Archery Club
Alberta Winter Games February 9-12, 2012 Parkland County
Indoor 600 February 19, 2012 Capital Region Archery Club
Junior Invitational (Tentative) February 25-26, 2012 Capital Region Archery Club
Indoor Regional Championships March 4, 2012 Capital Region Archery Club
Indoor 600 March 11, 2012 Capital Region Archery Club
ATAA Indoor Provincials March 24-25, 2012 Calgary Archery Centre
Indoor 600 April 8, 2012 Capital Region Archery Club
 *Alberta Winter GamesUpdated October 14, 2011

New ATAA Membership Coordinator

The ATAA Executive would like to extend a warm welcome to Jan Tollenaar who was appointed as the ATAA Membership Coordinator at the last executive meeting.  We all look forward to working with him as he takes on this role.

We would also like to give a very large ….


….to Isabelle Warwa who has been looking after the memberships after the position was abruptly vacated.  She had a lot of cleaning up to do and was able to get things back on track during this time.


Message from Your New ATAA President

I would like to start by thanking the members of the pass ATAA Executive for the hours of volunteer time that they have done over the pass years for the ATAA.  As well, I would like to thank our new members and welcome them to the ATAA Executive Team.  I’m very excited about being your new President and can’t wait to start dealing with some issues.  Also I would like to thank the people that supported me with their vote, along with all the people that congratulated me and expressed their support at the Indoor Target Provincial’s.

I am very happy to have David Middlebrough as Vice-President as we work well together and have a lot of common views.  It is also good to see that Alberta will have a wide representation from Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and Lac La Biche on the executive.  With this wide representation better decisions can be made for all ATAA members.

I would like the entire executive to start with a positive, open mind. Executive members should review their job description and responsibilities before the next meeting.  As well, think of one or two things that they would like to see changed in the upcoming year to better our organization and then bring them to our first meeting on May 7th at the Hall of Fame in Red Deer.

If any ATAA members have any concerns about our organization please feel free to e-mail me, I’m very approachable and interested in your concerns.  I have worked very hard to promote archery for our club, along with our zone and I’m looking forward to promoting archery across the province.  We have a great sport that has been passed down from generations why can’t we Build it Strong, Enjoy it, and Pass it onto our children’s children?

3d News

Al Woolrich Memorial Sportsmanship Award

Definition: Sportsmanship – expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect and fellowship for one’s competitors.

Sportsmanship typically is regarded as a component of morality in sport, comprised of three related and perhaps overlapping concepts; fair play, sportsmanship and character. Fair play refers to all participants having an equitable chance to pursue victory, acting toward others in an honest, straightforward , firm and dignified manner even when others do not play fairly. It includes respect for others including team members, opponents and officials. Character refers to disposition, values and habits that determine the way that person normally responds to desires, fears, challenges, opportunities, failures and successes. Is typically seen in polite behaviors toward others such as helping an opponent up or shaking hands after a match. An individual is believed to have a “good character” when those dispositions and habits reflect core ethical values.

Sportsmanship can be conceptualized as an enduring and relatively stable characteristic or disposition such that individuals differ in the way they are generally expected to behave in sport situations. In general sportsmanship refers to virtues such as fairness, self-control, courage and persistence and has been associated with interpersonal concepts of treating others and being treated fairly, maintaining self-control in dealing with others and respect for both authority and opponents. Five facets of sportsmanship have been identified:

  1. Full commitment to participation (e.g. showing up, working hard during all practices and games, acknowledging one’s mistakes and trying to improve.)
  2. Respect and concern for rules and officials
  3. Respect and concern for social conventions (e.g. shaking hands, recognizing the good performance of an opponent.)
  4. Respect and concern for the opponent (e.g. lending one’s equipment to the opponent, agreeing to play even if the opponent is late, not taking advantage of injured opponents.)
  5. Avoiding poor attitudes toward participation (e.g. not adopting a win-at-all-costs approach, not showing temper after a mistake and not competing solely for individual prizes.

The above 5 points are the criteria used in deciding the recipient for this award.