Potential Identity Theft – please read!!!

Attention All ATAA Members

Fraud Alert – Potential Identity Theft

Recently the ATAA membership list was obtained in an illegal fashion. The RCMP and the Canada Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC) have both been notified and are conducting investigations. The information obtained includes members’ names, addresses and dates of birth.

Due to the nature of information obtained, the Canada Anti -Fraud Center has advised that all ATAA members 18 years of age and older are advised to contact the following agencies to have alerts placed on personal credit information:

To verify these numbers you may visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at :

If done over the telephone there is a 5.00 + tax charge. Please retain your receipt for reimbursement.(Details on reimbursement will be posted in the near future).

Please have available your Social Insurance Number and Birthdate for verification.  These credit agencies will put an alert on your file to ensure they are diligent in confirming it is actually you and not someone else trying to use your information.

Please know that the ATAA takes this incident very seriously and is following the steps and advice of the CAFC and the RCMP to ensure it is managed appropriately.  No organization can be 100% immune to acts of theft and the members personal information has always been managed with the greatest security measures available.

The Alberta Target Archers Association Executive