Message from Your New ATAA President

I would like to start by thanking the members of the pass ATAA Executive for the hours of volunteer time that they have done over the pass years for the ATAA.  As well, I would like to thank our new members and welcome them to the ATAA Executive Team.  I’m very excited about being your new President and can’t wait to start dealing with some issues.  Also I would like to thank the people that supported me with their vote, along with all the people that congratulated me and expressed their support at the Indoor Target Provincial’s.

I am very happy to have David Middlebrough as Vice-President as we work well together and have a lot of common views.  It is also good to see that Alberta will have a wide representation from Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and Lac La Biche on the executive.  With this wide representation better decisions can be made for all ATAA members.

I would like the entire executive to start with a positive, open mind. Executive members should review their job description and responsibilities before the next meeting.  As well, think of one or two things that they would like to see changed in the upcoming year to better our organization and then bring them to our first meeting on May 7th at the Hall of Fame in Red Deer.

If any ATAA members have any concerns about our organization please feel free to e-mail me, I’m very approachable and interested in your concerns.  I have worked very hard to promote archery for our club, along with our zone and I’m looking forward to promoting archery across the province.  We have a great sport that has been passed down from generations why can’t we Build it Strong, Enjoy it, and Pass it onto our children’s children?